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We believe that real commitment to transformation to sustainability creates the best way for our citizens, our nation and our world to insure an environmentally sound world for future generations. On any questions you may have, call or email Robert Pantley.

Robert Pantley is a native of the Pacific Northwest and currently lives with his wife, Elizabeth, their four children and Grandma. Robert started in Real Estate as a teenager and has been continuously invested in real estate for over 30 years.

He has a long history of community service including being a Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, founding member of his neighborhood association, chairman Kirkland Park Board, served on the Kirkland City Council, served as a Board member of 1,000 Friends of Washington (Now Future Wise), coached girls softball - winning a Washington State Softball Championship.

Determined to create positive changes, Robert Pantley's companies invest in creating a transformation of existing and new properties to new levels of sustainability from solar, to wind power, green roofs, rain gardens, salmon friendly streets, access to public transportation, flex cars, dual flush toilets, regional materials, how to ventilate living spaces with fresh air to reduce the need for air conditioning and more...