Helping to create a softer footprint and promoting “a better way” towards “a better world.”
Some of the LEED benefits of The Retreat:

Project Standards:
  • Triple Pane Windows keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The added insulation lowers your heating and cooling costs and helps to maintain an even temperature throughout your home
  • Low VOC paint improves indoor air quality so you can breathe freely inside your home. They contain less of the harmful chemicals that create that “new home smell”
  • Our State-of-the-art Rainscreen siding system gives you peace of mind to know your home is protected from water damage and dry rot. The system is third party inspected to ensure proper installation and function
  • Energy Star integrated heating, insulation, and sealing systems reduce maintenance costs. Energy code and above insulation paired with a tightly sealed home greatly lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Drought Resistant Landscaping with native and nonnative adaptive plants drastically lowers summer water bills. After the initial set up period, most plantings will require little to no water
  • Energy efficient appliances lower utility bills while maintaining the highest functionality
  • Bamboo is a sustainable, long-lasting flooring choice that cleans easily and is highly durable
  • Marmoleum is a durable and very attractive flooring that is the sustainable choice for bathrooms
  • The Dual Flush Toilet in the powder room greatly reduces water use. As the power room accounts for 80% of household use, it has the highest impact on utility bills. Standard toilets throughout have a 1.0 gpf (gallons per flush), lower than the standard of 1.6gpf installed in most new homes, further reducing water consumption
  • Low flow showerheads and sink aerators throughout the home lower utility bills further
  • The 95% furnace is more efficient than standard. Centrally located within the home, it reduces the distance heat must travel, so less energy is needed to heat your home
  • Third party Blower door testing is used to improve home sealing. The homes at The Retreat score below a 3.0, less than half the average of new homes and many times less than existing homes. This improvement is transferred into utility savings as the home requires less heat and cooling to regulate temperatures inside
  • CFL and LED Light Bulbs use less energy than standard incandescent homes, reducing the electric bill. These light bulbs also have a longer life and require changing less often
  • Interior doors are made of recycled content, reducing the home’s impact on the planet. The materials and construction are done locally, reducing transportation costs and their carbon footprint
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors on all floors give you piece of mind that you will be alerted in the case of an emergency
  • Close Proximity to Amenities including grocery, restaurants, public transportation, and parks reduces your travel and vehicle time, lessening your impact on the planet and giving you more time to do what you enjoy
  • Single Piece Shower Stalls reduce maintenance costs, allowing your time and money to be spent on other things
  • All our homes are Third Party Verified to ensure all standards are met to satisfaction
  • The Retreat’s Tree Grove Easement protects the trees and the local habitat and ensures it will be living for future generations to enjoy
  • The Tankless Hot Water Heater uses less energy than hot water tanks, only heating water on demand and ensuring that you will have hot water when you need it. Centralized in the center of the home, the water travels shorter distances, so less is needed for everyday use
  • Local Alder Cabinets have a short travel life to your home, so their environmental footprint is lessened. Recycled materials also reduce this impact
  • The SPIN Garden gives you a space to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables, which results in less money spent at the grocery store, and fresh, local food for your family to enjoy
  • Strand Bamboo throughout main floor of the home is easy to clean, so dust and allergens are not trapped, improving indoor air quality
  • The Rain Barrel saves rainwater for later use, reducing or eliminating the use of potable water for outside landscaping